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Toro Title, LLC was founded to bring a new level of quality and customer service for Nashville title closings. We believe phone calls and e-mails deserve prompt responses, every party stays updated throughout the entire transaction, and clients leave closings with documents in hand. Close with us one time, and you will notice the difference.

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What Does A Title Company Do?

Escrow and earnest money

We offer the ability to hold escrow deposits or earnest money as an impartial third party that represents the interest of neither the seller nor the buyer.

Title searches

A title search ensures that the seller indeed has the right to sell the property free of liens or encumbrances. A preliminary title search can alert buyers to potential problems early in the transaction, and give sellers a chance to remedy issues before the sale.

Title insurance policies

Owner’s title insurance policies are issued at closings and protect buyers in the event a lien or encumbrance was not discovered during the title search. In Tennessee, these owner’s polices are often paid for by the seller.


Determine what your customers need, then work backwards.
— Jeff Bezos


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